Source of Living Water

In Search of Living Water 4

Day 6: Friday, week 1


Re-read John 4:29-30; 39-42

Reading the scriptural text, we realize that the Samaritan woman and the villagers had been empowered through their encounter with Jesus. We desire the same for ourselves. This means cutting into our busy schedules to create an environment of silence where we can also sit by the well with Jesus; that is, risk being within our own inner space. The Samaritans, after their encounter with Jesus, invited him to remain with them, so, too, we invite Jesus to remain with us.



  • What decision must I make to take time each day to enter into my inner space?
  • What does it mean for me to live with Jesus?
  • There are many other ways of finding contemplative moments in our day:
    • standing in line at the store,
    • riding the bus or subway,
    • journaling,
    • coloring a mandala,
    • writing a poem,
    • gazing at a sunset, the moon, a tree…

      Can I name others?

My personal prayer…

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