A Chance
for Life


Bearers of Good News

Day 34: Friday, week 5


Mercy, a Chance for Life

At all times, through faith in Jesus and efforts to live as he had, we try to witness to the presence of God’s love in the world. Uppermost in our minds and hearts is the desire to show:

that accepting Jesus into our lives was, from the start, an invitation to enter into a love relationship with him. From the very beginning we were intent upon others realizing that the very existence of Mary, the mother of Jesus was an ongoing invitation to root our very being in listening and receiving the Word of God, because faith is not so much a search for God on the part of human beings, as the recognition by men and women that God comes to us; God visits us and speaks to us.

We know the power of prayer, the reception of the body and blood of Jesus at the Eucharist, and other sacraments as God’s meeting place with us. We are mindful that any moment provides an awakened sense of wonder that allows anyone, at any time, to see that “reality as a whole has sacramental character for the faith trained eye, signifying that human experience is an important locus of God’s self-revelation”.

As a mother teaches her children, we share stories that make God and Jesus accessible. We create space for others to hear Jesus say to them in their hearts, “Come and See where I live” (Jn 1:39).

Growth from one stage of life to another requires patience as growth to adulthood is never linear. It is a life-time project governed by the complexity of the human person and life in general. We are concerned with empowerment; we help one another to recognize our strengths and limitations.

We are confident that the ability to speak about our faith comes from our communion with one another in the Body of Christ. This unity of faith in Jesus joins to that of our brothers and sisters of other Christian denominations. We work hard to overcome those obstacles that prevent us from being a united presence of Jesus in the world.

In carrying out our mission, we feel that we are in labour with God—assisting God in birthing new life in Christ in others. Meister Eckhart asked, “What does God do all day?” His answer: “God gives birth. From all eternity God lies on a maternity bed giving birth.” Our call then to be instruments of mercy, assisting God in the birthing of new life in Christ is never ending.

As green shoots of new life rise from the ashes of a burned forest, we trust that the new, fragile shoots of life appearing here and there within the Church community will take root and endure and that God’s reign of peace and justice will benefit all.



  • Read the above reflectively. Ponder the word, the phrase that speaks most to your heart at this time. Share your feelings, your response with God.

How have these reflections on Mercy during these five weeks:

  • enhanced your relationship with God, with others?
    enlarged your world view?
  • Choose a word, a phrase, or a scripture passage that best captures your experience of these five weeks. Illustrate this in some way that is meaningful to you as you continue your life’s pilgrimage.

Merciful Like The Father
This mandala leads us to the very heart of our
being, the place where we are immersed in
“the visceral love of God's mercy.”
(Pope Francis)

Centre Circle
God, Father and Mother, gives us his Son,
Bread of God which comes down from heaven,
(Jn 6:33)

Rivers of living water
for the salvation of the world.
(Jn 7:37-38)

Third and Fourth Circle
He created the world with wisdom.
Let us ask for peace from the God of all peace.
(Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy)

Sing to the Lord, all the earth. (Ps 96)

Fifth Circle
Communion with the Word symbolized by the
fragments of manuscripts.
The earth waits for the Good News of the Kingdom.
(Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy)

I will put my law within them, and I will write it
on their hearts. (Jr 31:33)

Sixth Circle
Net us eat this bread, fruit of the earth and of
human labour, the Bread of Life, defeating death.

God’s mercy is eternal!
Give thanks to the Father, for He is good.
(Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy)

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