A Chance
for Life


Reconciliation Beyond Church Community

Day 13: Friday, week 2


Facing Hidden Truths

For a variety of reasons we have the ability to avoid reconciliation with those with whom we are estranged. We pray never to fall into this trap which leads to so much anger and frustration when people find themselves at odds with each other and lack the good will to sit down and talk with another.

Hurts hidden away for decades have a painful way of rising to the surface, sometimes bidden, often uninvited. There are now several Truth and Reconciliation commissions around the world, each one surfacing the extent of wrongs committed against Aboriginal people, First Nations’ People, and People of colour. Even with this sensitive approach to dealing with painful history, we are reminded that though a long and really tough process, reconciliation is indeed possible. The same can be said when addressing the experiences of victims and their oppressors in the sexual abuse scandals that have taken place in various Churches in many parts of the world.

Domestic violence against women has also been hidden away for centuries. Recent decades have seen the rise of many organizations, safe havens for abused women and their children. The same can be said for groups working to eliminate increased trafficking of women and children. More than ever, we are conscious of the challenges families and our brothers and sisters of homosexual orientation face. The need for compassion, reconciliation seems never to be stronger than in our world today.



  • How does my heart respond to these hidden truths?


In light of these challenges, what is my prayer?

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