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Lighten your footprint and adopt a green lifestyle

Want to lighten your footprint and adopt a green lifestyle? Check out the Queen of Green's do-it-yourself tips and advice, eco-friendly cleaning and cosmetics recipes, and how-to videos that will help you protect nature — from building a bee house to reducing food waste. You'll learn simple ways to make yourself — and the planet — healthier. And you'll save money, too!  (Example: Best not to equate “best before date” with “expiry date.”) 

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Movie: Spotlight

I found this film helps viewers to be reminded – after all these years – of the whole culture of fear, and power, and how good people just don’t speak up and speak out. We choose to not question. We choose to believe what we want to believe. The reporter is chastising the lawyer for his part in secret settlements, and the lawyer is reminding the reporter of the disbelief and ignoring of information supplied.

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Special day of prayer & reflection for local associates

On Saturday, December 5th the Sisters at de Sève Residence hosted a special day of prayer & reflection for the local associates. After receiving a warm welcome of hospitality, our day began with the theme of ‘Behold, Behold, Behold.’

Sister Joan Foliot guided us through the day with two thought-provoking input sessions. The morning session was about us beholding God and the afternoon was on God beholding us. We spent time in reflection and silence followed by an opportunity to share if we so wished. Also our shared mealtime gave us an opportunity to share and listen as we continued to be nourished.

Our day ended as Sr. Joan walked us through identifying the gifts and fruits of the day. Sr. Joan presented each of us with a shekel bearing the words “I Behold God” on one side “God Beholds Me” on the other. It was most evident that everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the day as we all left ‘refreshed and nourished.’ 

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