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Second Sunday of Lent, 2017

Dominique Baroco, Associate

Inspired by Sharon’s reflection last week of seeing the gospel from different points of view, I find myself jumping in – as a participant – in each of this week’s readings.  I’m ready to be a part of the action!  But, I am quickly humbled.  When God tells Abram to “go forth,” I feel like I am being asked to leave my own home.  In the second reading from Paul to Timothy, I feel like I am being told to “bear my share of hardship.”  And, in the gospel, I quake thinking about Jesus being transfigured right in front of me on a high mountain.  Why is my first reaction, “I can’t do this.  It’s too much?”  Each of these experiences seems like so much to ask of anyone.  Each seems so overwhelming. 

After I muster the courage to jump back in each narrative, new words strike me:  blessing, beloved, strength, save, life, light, do not be afraid.   God asks so much of Abram, while he promises him that his actions will be a source of blessing for “all the communities of the earth.”  WOW!  Could I act if I knew that my choice would be a benefit to everyone else on earth?  In the second letter to Timothy, hardship is coupled with “strength that comes from God.”  Could I accept a difficult challenge if I knew that I did so with God’s strength rather than my own?  God reveals his Son and gently says, “listen to him.”  If Jesus stood before me and God whispered to me to listen to what He had to say, could I?

I should be able to answer with a resounding, “YES!”  But, I have to admit…I still feel cautious.  For now, I take away this awareness from the readings.  I can place my trust in God.  He and His purpose will be revealed, even if I don’t quite see or understand the fullness of Christ that is right in front of me.  I just need to be open to listening, to know that God’s grace is upon me, and to not be afraid.  Yes, it may be overwhelming…but ultimately in a wonderful way!


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