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Second Week of Advent, 2016

Christine McMichae, associate

Associate Christine McMichael reminds us all, in the midst of our hectic Advent lives, to keep our eyes open to see the light as a child does in simple joys.

Second Week of Advent, 2016

I barely got the Advent wreath out in time!

Volunteering to write an Advent reflection is easy. Writing an Advent reflection is a process.

In the past I’ve included Curious George in my Advent reflection, that’s the ‘real’ clue around here that we are beginning to wait for something special. One may think that watching A Very Monkey Christmas on the Friday after Thanksgiving would have prompted digging out at least one of two Advent wreaths! Nope.

We did start singing, Are you ready? Are you ready for Christmastime to come…

At Mass on Sunday, Father Codega’s homily included beautiful imagery around putting on the ‘armor of light’ as we step into Advent. It was a lasting, hopeful image that stayed with me. (He mentioned that Isaiah is the most hopeful of the prophets.) I knew it was coming, yet, I had no Advent wreath on the table. A busy Sunday led to rushed dinner prep when my ‘armor of light’ started to blink frantically. “I did not dig out the Advent wreath!”

In the basement, I read the labels on the Christmas boxes. No Advent wreath? Now, I have to go through each box. Ugh. Sparing you the trip down memory lane that comes with opening boxes, I did find the fancy, dangerous Advent wreath with beautiful tapers that is reserved for adults and constant supervision. I did not find the children’s Advent wreath that my son and I made together a couple of Christmases ago with battery-operated, safe candles.

Quick thinking about the tiny candles we used to light the pumpkins from Halloween! Those tiny, little battery operated candles will work! I’m prepared for my son to carry on and lament his wreath. Instead, his face lights with joy as he says, “These will work, Mom! We can say our Advent prayers and have little lights.”

All at once, I not only feel joy, but my face lights with joy! At the same time, I am brought back to the ‘armor of light’ and the hopefulness messages that Father Codega shared last week, when I jump ahead to this week’s reading from Isaiah and remember…‘with a little child to guide them…’

Being a mom continually brings me back to simplicity. It’s easy to get caught up in the hullabaloo of the commercial ‘holiday’ season. As an Advent Community, we have something special. It is in this hopeful season of Advent, in the slowing down, in the paying attention, and in looking for the light, that we might have hope (Romans) and that we may allow a little child to guide us (Isaiah).

During this second week of Advent let’s make it simple. Let us hope with Isaiah, wearing last week’s armor of light and allow the little child to guide us.


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