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Prize-winning videoThis week our local newspaper carried a good news announcement of a prize-winning video produced by students at Leo Hayes High School where Sister Karen Kelly, CND, is a teacher and also the Safe-Grad program coordinator. The contest focused on the topic of responsible use of alcohol and was open to all high schools in the province. The prize was worth $1300 in money but worth much more in the value of its message. The students recounted the difficult story of a young man from their school who lost his life this past year; his younger brother speaks candidly about the dangers of binge drinking and drinking games. Sister Karen’s constant work and presence with these young people is widely recognized and noted here in our city. Congratulations to all! The video may be viewed on the following site:

Eleanor McCloskey, CND

PEI Energy Strategy: On June 1, 2016 I attended the Public Energy Hearings in Charlottetown. Two other hearings were held in the eastern and western parts of PEI. The PEI Energy Corporation has hired Dunsky Energy Consulting to facilitate and develop an updated Provincial Energy Strategy (PES).

We were given an overview of recommended Action items for sustainability including approaches to energy efficiency and conservation, electricity generation and management, energy storage, biomass and transportation for the province. Additional considerations focused on action items for cross-sectorial initiatives. The explanation of these actions led to weighty questions and serious discussion. In the end, the group was not satisfied with certain explanations from the consultant and thus asked for an extension of the Town Hall Hearing. We were just informed that government agreed to another Town Hall. A small victory!

With so much focus on climate change I was encouraged by the genuine interest from this gathering of islanders and also by the number of young people, knowledgeable and articulate. Several times it was stressed that a climate change strategy and energy strategy are completely interwoven.

Regardless of the outcome, it was uplifting to think that our government is identifying a path forward. Wonderful too, that more people are showing interest in these urgent issues. Hopefully through authentic sharing and respect significant progress will be made.

Dorena Hall, JPIC

World Refugee Day: On June 20th we come together and join the world to celebrate World Refugee Day, which not only highlights the courage, perseverance and resilience shown by refugees in overcoming enormous odds to rebuild their lives, but also calls each one of us to do whatever we can, wherever we are “to recognize one another as neighbour.” Becoming Neighbours welcomes us to share the World Refugee Day Prayer Service to honour this day. You are welcome to use this Prayer Service to help mark the lives and struggles of refugees around the world.

 World Refugee Day Prayer Service

Nina Glinski, CND

Age of Disruption Tour by geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas has been in parts of Atlantic Canada this past week. I attended one of his public sessions titled “Aging: Life’s Most Dangerous Game.” Delightful! Dr. Bill is well-known for his innovative thinking in medicine today and his ideas about aging are very encouraging when we hear so much around us about the “problems” the growing number of elders in the world can be! He recommended a simple formula for healthy aging: MESH – move, eat, sleep and heal. Our bodies are made to keep moving; we can enjoy good food (mostly plants); give ourselves lots of sleep (including naps); and allow ourselves to heal from losses, whatever they may be. (He says no one can heal us; we heal ourselves). I can’t begin to convey all the positives of his message. He’s a teacher, entertainer, physician, would-be musician (still learning) and he lives his own message! His website is

Eleanor McCloskey, CND 


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