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Easter Reflection

Réjeanne Bourque, CND

For our last refection for Lent 2016, Sr. Réjeanne Bourque, CND invites us to Easter excitement and the wonder of the Resurrection. Sr. Réjeanne is a CND Sister in Visitation Province and lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I am grateful that Anna Rowley, an Associate Co-Coordinator for Eastern Canada, sent me this reflection to share with all of you.  And I am grateful to all who have contributed to our Lenten reflections, Sharon Norton,  Kathy Chadwick, Barbara Houlihan Hecht,  Dolores Libby and  Christine Mc Michael.  Thank you, too, to all of you who have prayerfully participated in our Lenten community by reading and reflecting each week and to those who shared their responses.  May the beautiful season of Easter gladden each of us with the joy, peace and hope of the Risen Christ among us!  Sr. Joan Mahoney, CND


EASTER REFLECTION – March 27, 2016

Four-year-old Katie had early breakfast with her dad, Gerry, every morning. One day, looking thoughtfully at the Crucifix on the wall, Katie remarked, “That’s Jesus on the cross, isn’t it, Daddy?” Gerry replied, “Yes, Katie, Jesus died on the cross for us”. Katie continued her breakfast silently. Gerry grasped the teachable moment, “But, Katie, that’s not all! Jesus came back to life. Jesus is alive!” Katie exclaimed excitedly, “He is? I must go and tell Mommy!” She jumped off her stool, ran upstairs, awakened her mother to tell her,” JESUS IS ALIVE!”

I will never forget the time that my Grade four class dramatized the Easter story. The child who played the part of Mary Magdalene got so caught up in the story that she ran up and down the aisles shouting, “He’s alive! He’s alive! Come to the grave and see!”

We have so much to learn from children! We are so used to the Good News that we no longer get excited about it. This Easter, let us try to relish it as if we were hearing it for the first time. Jesus is alive and is among us, within us and within those around us. Let us not fail to recognize the risen Christ. Let us allow ourselves to be so excited that we want to share this Good News! If you are a proud grandparent with a new grandchild, you cannot keep this to yourself!

The Easter Gospels are filled with excitement. The holy women run joyfully to tell the disciples! Peter and John run to the empty tomb! The disciples of Emmaus hurry back to the others with burning hearts! Peter jumps out of the boat and swims quickly to shore when he recognizes Jesus on the beach! There is a sense of joyful urgency. He’s alive! Alleluia!

The first thing Jesus does is listen to them. He allows them to express their negative feelings. Am I a good listener? Am I too anxious to give all the answers? Then Jesus takes them where they are and helps them understand what has happened. He liberates them from their fears. Do I respect what others already know when I give explanations? Are my words life-giving and liberating? When they reach their destination, Jesus waits for an invitation to join them. He does not impose himself on them. Jesus leaves me free in my relationship with him. Do I ask him to dwell within me with his Spirit? When they eat together, Jesus leads them to recognize him by his actions, his prayer and distribution of the bread. Do I appreciate the great gift of the Eucharist? Can others recognize the presence of Jesus through my actions? “Were not our hearts burning within us?” The risen Christ manifests himself not only outwardly, but within their hearts. Do I take the time in prayer to let the fire of the Spirit burn in my heart? They return at once to Jerusalem. Although Jesus physically disappears, he inspires them to share the Good News. How am I called to share the Good News in my present circumstances?

Pope Francis reminds us in “The Joy of the Gospel”: Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world. Where all seems to be dead, signs of the Resurrection suddenly spring up. It is an irresistible force. (#276)


Réjeanne Bourque, CND, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island



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