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Earth Hour 2016 – The Future Starts Today

Saturday, March 19 at 8:30 - 9:30 pm local time

One hour without (non-essential) lighting, appliances or electrical devices. Last year, participation was reported in 172 countries and territories.

Our actions in our time will determine what the world will be like for generations to come. For a short video listing some good things that have resulted from decisions to act, see

Eleanor McCloskey, CND for JPIC 

Development and Peace Award – Congregation of Notre Dame in Charlottetown

On March 6, 2016 at the annual Development and Peace public workshop in Charlottetown, an award was presented to the Congregation of Notre Dame Sisters in PEI. I am happy to share the content of the presentation. “For a number of years Development and Peace has been giving special acknowledgement awards to people or groups who have distinguished themselves in service to the Vision, Mission and work of Development and Peace. The award recognizes service to our organization.”

“In PEI, the Congregation of Notre Dame has been a constant support to Development and Peace. Sister Noreen MacDonald served on the National Council and on the projects selection committee for Africa. Sister Noreen was chair of the Diocesan Council for a number of years and Sister Marie Hagen served on the Diocesan Council as well. Many sisters have promoted our programs in the parishes. Sister Marie Arsenault has willingly shared her great talent on our behalf at key events. The last two times we hosted the Regional meeting here in PEI we were graciously housed and fed by the community in Summerside. Sister Susan Kidd has supported the work of Development and Peace through the Chaplaincy Centre at UPEI. She has helped our youth representatives to carry out programs. Tonight Tor will speak at the 6:00 Mass at the Chaplaincy Centre. This will be followed by a discussion. We know that the Sisters contribute individually to Development and Peace and that at the National level the Congregation is a strong supporter, often joining in solidarity and promoting our campaigns.”

On behalf of the Congregation, Sisters Réjeanne Bourque and Bernadette Gallant accepted the award.

Dorena Hall, JPIC

Zootopia: This animated Disney film has hidden messages, as usual, to be teased out and shared in easy conversations. Embracing diversity and living in harmony are hard to miss. And what’s not to like about a bunny, a female, who has always wanted a career in law enforcement and refuses to “settle” for life as a carrot farmer? She learns a lot about herself, about the real world, about asking for help and acknowledging mistakes. She’s no dumb bunny!

Eleanor McCloskey, CN

Workshop Invitation: On June 12-17, 2016, at the Agricultural College in Bible Hill, just outside Truro, NS, a workshop will be held entitled: An Inconvenient Faith, Moving to Action.

Speakers: Jan Phillips – an evolutionary artist, award winning author and dynamic speaker. She connects the dots between creativity, spirituality and inspired action. Check her out at

Bruce Sanguin – a leader in evolutionary spirituality and mysticism, author of six books on ecological Christianity. Web site is:

To register on or before May 15th visit website

ASTE registration c/o Joanne MacIntosh

PO Box 123, Truro, NS B2N 5B6

Pauline Dalton, CND

Basic Income is not a new concept but one that is growing in support within Canada. It would provide all citizens with a basic income regardless of their work status so that basic needs can be met. Ontario is launching a pilot project with Quebec and Manitoba studying that possibility. Senator Art Eggleton is the proponent on the federal level. Not only would it afford dignity and privacy to those who at times have limited income, it makes economic sense to replace the many social assistance programs and the bureaucracies required to run them. Experts say it would not reduce the desire to work and would lower health costs and the poverty levels. There are a number of recent media reports on it.

Kathy Kelly, Ottawa

Tuesday, March 22 is World Water Day. The theme this year is Water and Jobs. Half of all workers on Earth are employed in water-related sectors. Millions of them are unrecognized and unprotected by basic labour rights. The theme is designed to highlight how water can create paid and decent work and contribute to a greener economy and sustainable development. And always, we continue to be mindful of the struggle of so many in the world who need access to clean drinking water and water for sanitation.

Eleanor McCloskey, CND, for JPIC

World Day of Prayer at Andrews: On the first Friday of March, we organized the World Day of Prayer, prepared this year by the women of Cuba. This is a very important day for us because it provides a rare occasion for all of us to pray together. Several residents representing different faith traditions participated in the readings. Staff and volunteers collaborated with us in providing a display, music, an efficient sound system, etc. We began holding the service last year and were pleased to see a much larger attendance this year. Much positive feedback was received and the wish was expressed that we make this an annual event.

Réjeanne Bourque, CND 


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