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Fifth Sunday of Lent

Dolores Libby, future associate

Welcome CND associates and friends. My name is Dolores Libby, future associate who lives in Hayesville North Carolina and attends Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

John invites us in the March 13, 2016 Gospel, the fifth Sunday of Lent, to examine the words and actions of Jesus as He, Jesus, confronts the old law with the new. He teaches us that humankind should never judge or condemn for we all are sinners, and only God is without sin. He refused to mock, scold, ridicule or cast a sentence upon the woman caught in adultery because he was and is the essence of forgiveness and compassion. The only penance Jesus gave her was to go and sin no more.

As we look to a world of fallenness and confusion, we see around us those who need our help, not our condemnation. How do we work to achieve a more compassionate, loving, and forgiving society? It begins with "me."  It begins with our one-on-one relationships, our children, our homes, work and yes our church. Small steps achieved through prayer and through making God the center of our thoughts and words.  The world denies and obliges us to be angry and hostile and lash out.  Words can heal as well as crush.  Our humanness interferes with our faith in doing what is right. We struggle, we fall, but in faith he embraces us with power and love and asks us again to follow what he designed for us. He has a way of weaving a design of righteousness and justice. Lies, Hate, Rumors and unforgiving actions will never align with this command to love one another as I have loved you and forgive those who despise you.

So when in hard times, turn to him, talk to him and he will guide you. Resolve to be tender to the young, comforting to the aged, sympathetic to the striving, tolerant to the weak and wrong... because at one time, you will have been one of these.


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