A Chance
for Life


Recently, “In The Heart Of The World” our online retreat, invited us to be like Mary, a maternal church, instruments of God, calling forth new life in one another within and beyond our Christian community. The Jubilee Year of Mercy shows us to what extent new life flows from God’s Mercy, expressed in healing, reconciliation and forgiveness in our broken, fragmented world.

Mary, in her Magnificat, her magnanimous faith-filled response to her cousin Elizabeth’s praise, “says to us and shows us that the good news of God’s mercy in Jesus Christ is the best thing that can be ever said to us and the best thing we can ever hear because it can transform us and our world. …” (Walter Kasper, Mercy, p. 218).

As this Jubilee Year of Mercy draws to a close, our online retreat “Mercy, A Chance for Life” invites us to take time to become more conscious of God’s tender mercy in our lives.

“This mercy is God’s gift and simultaneously, our task as Christians. We should live it in word and deed and give witness to it. In this way, our often dark and cold world can become somewhat warmer, lighter, more endearing and more worth living because of a ray of mercy.” (Walter Kasper, Mercy, p. 218)

Our ‘Symbolic Page Heading’ depicts a fig tree with its leaves and fruit full of life. Reading the parable of the barren fig tree Lk 13:1-9, we see that the vinedresser wishes to preserve the apparently barren fig tree, giving the tree another chance for it to bear fruit.

This retreat offers writings and reflections of Marie † and Rachel, Pope Francis and other authors. Mandalas created by Rachel enrich our reflections. The term mandala means circle. It represents wholeness and infinity. In its origin, a mandala is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relationship to all aspects of our individual and communal lives. Coloring a mandala or creating one based on the Word of God is an aid to meditation and contemplation.

We offer a daily reflection for five weeks. Saturdays provide time to pause, a time of integration. May this time of reflection open us to fresh insights and new life.

Perhaps you would like to keep a journal of your reflections. You might also want to gather other people together and share your reflections with them.

To contact us:

Marie Azzarello †, CND

Rachel Gaudreau, CND

We wish you a “pleasant journey.”


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