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La Visitatión
Formation House

The formation house is where we participate in many activities, share and live different experiences.

Community Life

Much of the work accomplished is a team effort. It includes activities pertaining to liberating education, giving and receiving formation, cooking, cleaning as well as playing and enjoying each other’s company.

We strengthen the community experience with the resources at our disposal, enrich ourselves with our mutual gifts and talents, endeavour to be more caring in our relationships and acknowledge our limitations.

We make every effort to read our lives by the light of the Word of God. This we do in accordance with our community’s objectives, our hearts’ desires and in response to God´s call within the reality which surrounds us everyday.

Apostolic Life

Within our apostolic life we advocate critical, political and integrated education. Signs of hope are regained through youth pastoral ministries, catechesis, supporting young ecclesial communities, pastoral ministries for the elderly, social pastoral ministries and formation in the theological schools for which we are directly responsible.

Through networks in which we are active, we try to be close to those who are vulnerable. We have participated in pro-life and human dignity rallies (particularly pertaining to women’s issues) and opposed mining. We were also part of a multi-sector table with several institutions and organizations, the social actors of the community. Our common objective was to oppose violence and strengthen the culture of peace. We are also active in the theological school network, the inter-congregational formation network fostered by the Religious Conference of Guatemala, support actions for social justice, etc.

We try to respond to the needs of our social reality. Together with the multi-sector table, we foster a project that provides special attention to families. Its objective is to educate in a culture of peace and in a spirit of parental responsibility. Our legal counseling office offers spiritual, psychological, and physical support. We also provide spiritual accompaniment.

Vocation Promotion

Since last year and in response to our commitment for a culture of vocation, we have been carrying out, together with the associates, a vocation promotion initiative. The objective is to teach children, teenagers, and young adults to find God´s will in their lives. We also accompanied and formed the associates who work with us.

We supported the Congregation’s mission of vocation promotion by organizing and participating in the family gathering of the Central American sisters held in El Salvador and Honduras.

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