Sisters KONAÏ Justine and NGO NGOK Angèle during a meeting of newer members of the CND in Central America.
Photo, CND, 2009

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Celebration - Year Of Consecrated Life

Celebration - Year Of Consecrated Life:  Blessed Sacrament Vocation office will coordinate a Day of Service for CND Sisters and Associates in the fall. LCWR and CMSWR encouraged such a day during this Year of Consecrated Life and the CND is most itself through the ministries of prayer and service!  Here’s how it works:  (More to come and Q&A session at the Area Days.)

  • CND sisters and associates will determine an event for a day of service in their area.
  • They could do this by looking at service needs that are already fully planned and are now recruiting volunteers, e.g. a walkathon in support of a local or national cause.
  • Or, they could plan their own event, e.g. a parish clean-up-the-grounds activity.
  • A T-shirt has been designed, built around the “Rooted in Jesus Christ” CND Chapter theme for 2016, which can be worn as part of the service day. The shirts will be provided for all CND sisters and associate participants; we are sure the common T-shirt will generate some conversation around the topic of life as a CND sister.
  • CND sisters and associates are great collaborators. This will be a wonderful opportunity to witness the deepest desire of women religious, to be “rooted in Jesus Christ, cultivating love and compassion.”    
World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation



To respond to the invitation of Pope Francis to have a World Day Care of Creationof Prayer for the , we invite you to attend a bilingual ecumenical evening of prayer at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 7.00pm.


For more details: Press Release


Annual Fundraiser For Villagers In Kumbo Cameroon

Come And Enjoy Our New Brunch Menu!!

October 25, 2015 • 11:00 Am

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The Pipeline Newsletter

Newsletter Fall 2015

  • News From Cameroon

  • News From Ottawa

  • Next Fundraising Event


Fukushima Desk News

“What are you remindedof when you hear the words 'summer in Fukushima'?  I am sure many of you will answer “those delicious peaches”!  However, the influence of radioactivitydue to the explosion at the Atomic Power Plant is still lingering.  Each one of the peaches is examined carefully before shipping, but the wholesale price given inTokyo is 69% of what it used to be...”


For the rest of the article and more Fukushima news see: 
 Fukushima Desk News


Sister Beth Davies receives the Bishop Ketteler Award for Social Justice

On Suday, Agust 2, Sister Beth Davies, CND, received the Bishop Ketteler Award for Social Justice.

Sister Beth Davies, a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame, has served as an activist and advocate on behalf of the impoverished, addicted and exploited in the heart of Appalachia for more than 40 years. Through her dedicated efforts, Sister Beth has developed a network of medical clinics, worked for environmental protections, built effective substance abuse and addiction programs, and changed the Virginia criminal justice system to improve treatment of inmates.

In her early years of ministry to the people of Appalachia, Sister Beth helped to build a community center and to establish the St. Charles Community Health Clinic, a network of clinics for underserved and low-income families.  As a member of the Catholic Committee on Appalachia, Sister Beth was instrumental in the development of the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter, This Land is Home to Me, which called for a response to the exploitation of people and resources in Appalachia. Through her advocacy, Sister Beth helped to secure passage of the federal law that regulates the environmental effect of coal mining in the U.S.

Gratitude - Golden Jubilee

Dear Sisters and Associates, I am very grateful for all your prayers, Mass offerings, donations, cards and your presence at our celebration. The staff from Andrus on Hudson is still talking about the joyful celebration. Thank you to all who were part of the planning for and carrying out the plans on the 27th. My heart is full!


Discussion on Climate, Environment and Creation

Please join us at the Congrégation Notre-Dame Mother House in Montreal, Quebec for a discussion on Climate, Environment and Creation on August 18, 2015.

Special guest Speaker : Laure Waridel, Ph.D author and co-founder of Equiterre.

Presentations will be made in French and simultaneous interpretation services will be provided.


Doors opening at 16 :30 (vegan dinner will be served) 

Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame Mother House

2330 Sherbrooke West, Montreal

(corner Atwater - Atwater Metro)

In the Heart of the World with Sister Marie Azzarello

Over five weekly sessions, Sister Marie Azzarello will be our guide as we take time to ponder and integrate the ways that we can be on mission wherever we are.

For more informations see:  In the Heart of the World


Provincial Assembly 2015 - “How Then Shall We Live?”

The significance of this question, chosen as the theme, in relationship to this moment in history became abundantly clear under the capable guidance of our facilitator, Sister Nancy Sylvester, IHM.

Interconnected with this was our experience, on a personal and communal level of a shift in consciousness. The different stages of consciousness were outlined and we were invited to view our development through these stages as a spiral. The spiral image was used as it turns up and out transcending what went before and returning to a new trajectory, including parts of the earlier stages.


Sister Beth Davies, CND, to receive Ketteler Award for Social Justice

At the Annual Assembly of the Sisters of Divine Providence, Beth Davies, CND, will be presented with the 2015 Ketteler Award for Social Justice.

We recognize Sister Beth for her advocacy and activism on behalf of the impoverished, addicted and exploited in Southwest Virginia — the heart of Appalachia. Serving a region in despair and advocating for the people who are too often forgotten, Sister Beth’s ministry reflects Bishop’s Ketteler’s energetic work for justice.

In 1998, the Sisters of Divine Providence instituted the Ketteler Award to honor individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice. The award, named for Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler, Bishop of Mainz, Germany, and founder of the Congregation, is presented annually.

Visitation Province Assembly - Friday - July 10, 2015

How can it be finished?  It isn’t!  We may have left the Courtyard Marriott Hotel but the assembly is not finished. 

Friday was a day of “Now what?” with silent stillness to begin and open mic time to share. Ann Broderick spoke in the name of the whole leadership team of their ongoing commitment to exercising their contemplative presence, even sharing with the group their experiences with facilitator Bríd Long.  

All the Sisters and Associates of Visitation Province will be receiving a compilation of reflections and personal commitments that were spoken in one voice at the end of mass – a true cacophony of energy flowing out into the not only the room but the universe.

Visitation Province Assembly - Thursday - July 9, 2015

Beginning our mornings in a prolonged period of contemplation of the Holy One, within and all around us, has been and continues to be gift.  In that spirit we included in this morning’s prayer the election of delegates to the General Chapter from Visitation Province.  

Deepening the call of our directional statement:  Process was truly the operative word for the day’s work of making our statement come alive in the context of today’s reality.  


Hé oui c’est la fin! (this is the end!).

I cannot believe that I already spent five months in the Blessed Sacrament province. Time flies!

I want to thank all the sisters for their support and their generosity during my experience in this province.  I am conscious of all the effort that it took to make my staying among you the most enjoyable experience someone could have. It was perfect, tremendously perfect!!!

My experience in Blessed Sacrament province exceeded my expectations. From the beginning to the end, love, caring, and solidarity were the pillars of the two communities of St. Jean Baptiste residence.


Sr. Jo Badali has appointed Sr. Maco Cassetta as Formation Director for Visitation and Blessed Sacrament Provinces. We are grateful to Maco for accepting this position and we promise our prayerful support.


Visitation Province Assembly - Wednesday - July 8, 2015

We enjoyed beautiful sunshine as we began our day in Toronto. We opened our day with 20 minutes of Contemplative Prayer, “Oh, will you come and let me go with you?” Nancy Sylvester, our Assembly facilitator, asked us to surrender ourselves to the inner space in which God dwells. The prayer continued with Carolyn McDade’s song, “Compassion Place,” followed by the Prayer for the Assembly.”


Visitation Province Assembly - Monday evening - July 6, 2015

July 6/15 

The Assembly opened Monday night with Ann Broderick’s welcome to all of us: 9 associates and 80 sisters. She also noted the presence in spirit and prayer of all of you at home, sisters and associates.  She underlined the purpose of the Assembly as the deepening of our Province Direction Statement.  

Becky McKenna introduced Nancy Sylvester, IHM, our facilitator, a woman with a deep commitment to facilitate dialogue, a contemplative way of speaking and listening to one another, a way that makes a difference in how we are with one another, in a way that makes a difference in our world.

Nancy Sylvester invited us into a reflection process on our Direction Statement.  We pondered the question:  

  • What excites you as you live out your chapter direction?  
  •  What challenges you?  
  • What concerns you?  

We wrote our responses and shared them in dyads at the table and then posted them on the wall around the hall.  

The evening closed with a social, a time to welcome one another. 

The New Entrance Hall of the Mother House is Welcoming and Informative

The new décor in the entrance hall of the mother house offers visitors beautiful pictures representing the Congrégation de Notre-Dame. On the left are images of its eight mother houses and on the right are photographs illustrating its mission, as it is being lived today, along with quotes from Marguerite Bourgeoys. Those who enter the front door of the mother house immediately see that they are visiting a dynamic institution active in today’s world and one that knows how to find in its roots the strength to adapt and continuously move forward while remaining faithful to its charism.

Come see us and be inspired by your past… and your present! 

Visitation Province Assembly

And so it began…

Here is the communication team of 4 with facilitator Nancy Sylvester, IHM.

We will offer daily updates for those not in Toronto.