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January General Conference

A highlight of the January 2015 General Conference was the two-day workshop with Father Anthony Gittins, CSSp. All Province and Region team members were invited to attend this workshop. Father Gittins has taught Theology and Cultural Anthropology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago since 1984 and he is the author of many books. His new book, Living Mission Interculturally – Faith and Culture, will be published in the spring. It was a gift that all members of our Administration Team participated in this workshop with the hope of sharing it in some way with all our membership. 

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A Winter Blessing

Blessed are you, winter, dark season of waiting, you affirm the dark seasons of our lives, forecasting the weather of waiting in hope.

Blessed are you, winter, you faithfully guard a life unseen, calling those who listen deeply to discover winter rest.

Blessed are you, winter, frozen and cold on the outside, within your silent, nurturing womb you warmly welcome all that longs for renewal.

Blessed are you, winter, your bleak, barren trees preach wordless sermons about emptiness and solitude.

Blessed are you, winter, you teach us valuable lessons about waiting in darkness with hope and trust.

Blessed are you, winter, season of blood red sunsets and star-filled, long, dark nights, faithfully you pour out your beauty.

Blessed are you, winter, when your tiny snowflakes flurry through the air, you awaken our sleeping souls.

Blessed are you, winter, with your wild and varied moods, so intent on being yourself, you refuse to be a people-pleaser.

Blessed are you, winter, when ice storms crush our hearts and homes, you call forth the good in us as we rush to help one another.

Blessed are you, winter, your inconsistent moods often herald spring’s arrival, yet how gracefully you step aside when her time has come.


Farewell Party for Sister Bernadette Gallant

Bernadette Gallant generously accepted "to go on mission"; she left her beloved Rustico to come to the "big city." She courageously took over a new ministry as local leader at Mary of Peace Community at the Infirmary in Montreal. And since her mandate has been completed, she will be returning "home" to PEI.

On January 30, 2015, the sisters at Mary of Peace Community held a farewell party to express their gratitude to Bernadette for three years of dedicated service. A few other sisters as well as the Infirmary chaplain, Bishop Wingle, joined the group. Our dining room/community room was artistically decorated, gifts were presented and delicious refreshments were served. Bernadette's many positive characteristics were highlighted, especially her untiring dedication to meet the different needs of one and all.

Our happy get-together ended with an appropriate Evening Prayer using as the opening hymn, "The Journey," a theme that was repeated several times during the prayer.

How true is the old saying, "Many hands make light work"! We were fortunate to have the help of the Sisters from de Sève as well as the Infirmary staff in order to pay a fitting tribute to Bernadette.

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