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Peace & Justice News from Blessed Sacrament Province

Sr. Rose Mary Sullivan



July 1999 – Cancellation of the debt of the poorest nations: The sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, after a year of study, prayer and reflection on the reasons behind the world-wide movement calling for the cancellation of Third-World debt, strongly affirm its cancellation, support those countries that have already made this choice and urge other countries to follow their example. We came to this united conviction, aware of the complexity of the issue and some of the implications for all the nations concerned. But a new millennium is dawning, and a compassionate God calls us to give hope to the poor for a better quality of life in the days ahead. As a Congregation we believe that cancelling the debt of these countries is a step in that direction.

May 31, 2004 – Trafficking of Women and Children: The sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame and their associates commit themselves to promote actively the respect of human rights by opposing the trafficking of women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. We, with others, will educate ourselves concerning the extent, the causes and the consequences of this abuse not only where we are missioned, but also worldwide. In collaboration with other religious Congregations, human rights groups and non- governmental organizations, we will support policies and programs which deal with the abolition and prevention of this type of trafficking thereby making alternate choices available to the women and children thus endangered.

(Adaptation of the statement of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary)

July, 2015 – Climate Change: We are members of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Montréal, a congregation of over 900 women religious committed to education and present on four continents. Approximately the same number of associates also share our mission. Our presence in certain more vulnerable regions of the world, namely Africa and Central America, make us acutely aware of current global risks. The plight of women is one of our biggest concerns. We believe that a change is possible. Just as human action is responsible for the current crisis, so too concerted political will, civic engagement, which is part of our awareness raising process, and our concrete actions promoting transformation can save our planet and its plant, animal and human life. Faced with the extreme urgency of the situation, we strongly call upon you, the Heads of State, to make a firm, concerted and binding commitment against the threat of global warming and to counteract the catastrophic consequences. For our part, we commit to support the positive decisions you will make on this matter.




Oppose the Death Penalty: We the sisters and associates of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Blessed Sacrament Province, condemn the use of the death penalty as a means of punishment for any crime in the United States or anywhere else in the world. We affirm the sacredness of the life of each person created by God. We hear the victims of violent crime calling for our empathy and support. At the same time, we believe that death as a penalty for these crimes is in opposition to the mandate of Jesus to love our enemy. In this spirit, we resolve to educate ourselves and others to uphold the value of life by opposing the death penalty and by supporting life for the condemned criminal.



March 2006 – Oppose Pre-Emptive War and Torture: We, the sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Blessed Sacrament Province, and citizens of the United States, repudiate the doctrine of pre-emptive war and the use of torture in interrogation. We pledge to work so that our government renounces such policies and instead adopts policies that will enable our planet and all its people to thrive.


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