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Visitation Province

Almighty God, who are mother and father to us all,

Look upon your planet Earth divided:

Help us to know that we are all your children;

That all nations belong to one great family,

And all of our religions lead to you.


Multiply our prayers in every land

Until the whole Earth becomes your congregation,

United in your love.

Sustain our vision of a peaceful future

And give us strength to work unceasingly

To make that vision real. Amen.

Helen Weaver 

Candidate Director

We are grateful to Maureen MacIsaac, CND for accepting to be the Candidate Director for Visitation Province effective September 1, 2015. Maureen will continue her teaching ministry at Sydney Academy, Sydney, NS. Our thanks and prayers are with Maureen in her ministries.

Summer Assembly

The Spirit certainly did, ‘pour out on us the graces of deep listening, expansive imagination, extravagant trust, and audacious hope.’ Nancy Sylvester, IHM, our facilitator, provided us a contemplative way of speaking and listening to one another, a way that makes a difference in how we are with one another, in a way that makes a difference in our world. We discovered new hope and energy in making our direction statement come alive by looking through these four lenses:

  • ongoing education and formation . . .
  • commitment to contemplative practice . . .
  • various means of communication . . .
  • joining our energy with the global movements of climate action

May we continue to be energized and affirmed as we search out ways to courageously and generously answer the question: ‘How then shall we live?’

Kudos to Sisters Maureen Baldwin, Susan Kidd, Maureen MacIsaac, Becky McKenna, our prayer partner, Mildred MacNeil and our facilitator Nancy Sylvester, IHM.

Corporate Stance: Climate Change

Sisters and associates of Visitation Province fully supported the Corporate Stance on Climate Change. This stance provides a way of creating a firm foundation for our existing education, advocacy and action.

General Chapter 2016

Rooted in Jesus Christ, Let us Cultivate Love and Compassion

Thank you for responding to the invitation of sharing your reflections on the question “In the light of the needs of the world and our Congregation of Notre Dame reality, where is God calling us into the future.”

Grateful thanks to Sisters Lucille Corrigan, Donna Egan, and Eileen Roach who graciously accepted to synthesize the reports. Our prayers are with you Lucille, Donna and Eileen as you transform these sharings into a one page letter to the members of the Congregation.

Associate Relationship

The next Visitation Province Associate Coordinators’ meeting will be held at the mother house on October 4-7. These meetings will include sharing associate experiences which are happening in the diverse areas of the Province, exchanging ideas and resources and receiving in-service from the Central Office of Associate Relationship, PRAM members, and a Spirituality Resource persons.

We are thankful for the coordinators’ creative and interesting newsletters and their other means of communication. We are grateful for the wholehearted support associates gave to the preparation for and commitment to the Corporate Stance on Climate Change. Well done! May this generous spirit keep growing into further climate action commitments in the future, wherever we are and according to our interests and abilities.

The associate coordinators and other associate reps who attended the Assembly are organizing their itineraries and gatherings to bring the Assembly spirit and process to the local groups throughout Visitation Province. An interesting Assembly PowerPoint presentation has been prepared and may be made available for others to use. Sister Della Gaudet, CND, continues to offer her gifts to associates and sisters on the “life and charism of Marguerite,” and was welcomed in Halifax on Saturday, September 19.

Plans are already underway to remember the 35th anniversary of Associate Relationship in the Congregation; this will be celebrated in a variety of ways in 2016.

Spirituality Resource Group

The Spirituality Resource group is involved in future planning and more concrete involvements for the coming year. The marketplace evening, held during the Assembly in July, was a great gift to our Province. We were gently invited into a further awakening and deepening of our spirituality. The marketplace opportunity gave the Spirituality Resource group time to connect with concerns and questions of some sisters/associates more directly. The Resource group is grateful for the diverse feedback that came from sisters and associates who responded to their Assembly marketplace survey. The survey suggestions are in the process of being compiled and will be sent out soon to all.

There has been an on-going hope in our province, over the years, to plan a gathering for sisters who are beyond the “20-20” and “in the middle age group” (69-79). The organizers do not want to limit who can come to this workshop which will be offered September 23-26, 2016 at the mother house. GRACED AGING – KEEPING THE ENERGY ALIVE! is the workshop’s theme. Nancy Sylvester, IHM has agreed to facilitate this weekend event. In early October a poster will be sent out with more details and a request for pre-registration if you are interested in attending. Registration forms including booking of accommodations will only be sent out early in 2016.

Another offering that is in the planning stage is a retreat in early August 2016 in Summerside, PEI on the theme of Visitation Spirituality with Mary Anne Foley, CND. More details will be announced later. Another hope of this committee is to begin recommending, in a more focused fashion, spirituality resources: books, DVDs, you-tube suggestions through the Friday FACQs.

Our Assembly precious days together blessed us with a heightened awareness that all of who we are and what we do is truly spirituality. Our personal and communal commitment to contemplative practice has an impact on our community, our world and beyond. We are intimately united to the entire Congregation and all of creation as we endeavor to bring about change for the well-being of our “common home!” Let us continue on this road that has led us to where we are NOW.

Governance Committee

Thank you to the Governance Committee for their presentation at the summer assembly. The members of the Governance Committee welcome all responses to the letter posted on the Visitation icon on September 16, 2015. These responses will give them further information regarding our leanings toward organic governance as they continue to “invite our interest and participation as we dare to keep moving on making new paths.”

CRC Atlantic Region Meeting


Leaders of religious communities from the Atlantic Provinces met in Halifax, September 21. Sisters Ann, Catherine and Nina attended this gathering. CRC staff, and Administrative Council engaged with those who gathered to dialogue around the theme of the day. How do religious communities assist our society in welcoming the other? What is the role of religious communities?

The day included listening to a panel who shared their experiences of being an immigrant/refugee coming to another culture and of being a religious woman involved in intercultural ministry with youth. We heard a challenging presentation by Timothy Scott, CSB on The Intercultural Challenges: Religious Communities in Canada Today. Following the presentation there was further exchange between participants and CRC Leadership on “The CRC Today and Tomorrow.” The CRC is working very hard at engaging all of its regions in dialogue about future changes that need to evolve in its organization. You can visit the CRC website at

Refugee Crisis

Visitation Province sisters and associates have been and continue to be active in many ways in helping immigrants and refugees who come to Canada. We are encouraged to continue to work in collaboration with other groups where possible. Let us not forget the power of prayer. Please, feel free to contact the team where monetary resources are required.

Sister Josephine Badali’s letter on the refugee crisis invites us to take an active roll in helping to relieve the plight of the refugees.

Gratitude to Peg and Carl Madigan

At the end of the summer we received word from Peg and Carl that their five years of partnership in the life and mission at St. Joseph’s Renewal Center in Mabou was coming to an end. Peg and Carl have discerned that they will be heading to Montreal to be closer to their family. They plan to continue their ministry of spirituality in Montreal their new found home. We want to express our thanks for their pioneering adventure and generous service in Mabou and in this “good work” of Visitation Province. We also thank the sisters in Mabou for their welcome and openness to this new collaboration with Peg and Carl. And so we send Peg and Carl our blessing from near and far in Visitation Province:

May the long time sun shine on you,

And all God’s love surround you,

And the pure light within you

Guide you all the way on.

(Blessing Song-Kathleen Deignan)

Greetings from Troyes!

Since the middle of April I have found myself on three different continents and living in three different Congregation of Notre Dame provinces; from Maria Province to temporarily being in Visitation Province, then following in the footsteps of Marguerite back to Troyes in Marguerite-Bourgeoys Province. Now I am trying to re-establish myself here in Troyes where slowly I’m beginning to feel more and more at home. This in itself is a grace for which I’m grateful.

Although my stay in Visitation Province was very short this time you welcomed me warmly and made me feel at home. Thank you! Shortly after I arrived in Canada I found myself in Montreal for the week of “Golden Jubilee” Celebrations. The days in Montreal with my ceremony were a real time of grace and thanksgiving for God’s faithful love over the years. I was very much aware of being loved and appreciated by all of you in Visitation Province. Although I had been part of Maria Province for 42 years while in Japan, your prayerful wishes, cards, phone calls and e-mails at the time of my jubilee touched me deeply. Our bond as Congregation of Notre Dame sisters is far beyond provinces and continents. Please know of my profound gratitude, which I express in my heart for each of you as I now pray in the various churches where Marguerite prayed and walk the street of Troyes where she walked. Her spirit and courage give me courage and inspire me.

At the moment we are only two here in Troyes, Sister Louise Côté and myself, but in September when Sister Gervaise Deschenes returns from her vacation in Canada we shall be three. I wonder if there might be someone interested in coming to join us here in Troyes for a shorter or longer time? A wonderful opportunity and experience awaits you! I, we, would welcome you warmly! (I couldn’t resist this little PR message.)

Sisters, thank you again for all your love, support and prayers you have shown me over the years while I was in Japan, at the time of my Golden Jubilee, and now as I respond to God’s call here in Troyes. No matter where we are, our mission is the same – “Sharing the Joy of knowing Jesus.”

May we always be united in the spirit of Mary and Marguerite, Marijke

Thanks & Appreciation

Thank you to all who responded to our call for volunteers at our Congregation of Notre Dame Health Care Centres during the summer months and our vacation houses. Your presence and work in these varied ministries were greatly appreciated.

The administration team


My heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined with me in celebrating my Diamond Jubilee with gracious letters, cards, emails, telephone calls, meals, barbecue, and the gift of an anniversary liturgy. This has been a never-to-be forgotten moment for me, and I continue to live in its aftermath with joy and gratitude. You have all shared in it. May God bless all of us as we move forward to a future full of hope.

Marie Hagen, CND


Ever since 2015 opened this Diamond Jubilee year, I have been humbled and delighted by messages of congratulations and promises of prayer from all corners of the Congregation of Notre Dame globe including our leaders at both the Congregation and Province level. It has been a real memory lane running through these last 60 years laden with blessings from our amazing God. Thank you one and all for your thoughtful, caring, affirming ways. Thank you to the Toronto CNDs and associates who made our May 17th celebration so special, and to "my ceremony" for the priceless gift of being together this July 60 years later. Magnificat, indeed!

With sincere gratitude and a promise of prayer,

Lucille Corrigan, CND


I wish to send a BIG thank you to all the sisters who remembered me on the occasion of my Diamond Jubilee. Your cards, gifts, mass offerings and presence at my wonderful celebrations were greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless,

Anne H. MacDonald, CND


During the month of August two members of our community entered into eternal life, Sister Joan Budzik and Sister Barbara O’Reilly. Although they had been weakening, we miss them and grieve the loss of their presence among us. We are grateful and have been supported by the many messages of unity and sympathy that we received from our sisters, associates and from their many friends. Thank you for the beautiful cards, letters, phone calls, emails and Mass Intentions that came from across the community plus your attendance at the wakes and funerals. We deeply appreciated the presence of our local CND Sisters who kept vigil with Joan and Barbara during their last days and we are grateful to the Sisters of de Sève Residence for preparing and leading the Prayer Service at Barbara’s wake. We continue to remember our sisters and we delight in picturing Joan entertaining a heavenly group with an appropriate poem while Barbara is meeting someone at the airport of Paradise.

Many thanks to all,

Sisters of Notre Dame Community, Kingston 


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