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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Visitation Province

News From Cranbrook, BC: On Sunday, August 25, the Cranbrook associates, accompanied by Sr. Nina Glinski, renewed their Associate commitments in a prayerful celebration modeled on “A Celebration of Visitation,” by E. King. We have not had a CND in our midst for several years and we were pleased and blessed to have Sr. Nina with us. She played a significant role in Associate Relationship during her time in Cranbrook and her presence was appreciated at this time of our commitment renewal. We were also delighted to have Gerri Fletcher, a long-time Cranbrook associate back with us. Gerri and her husband Brian have spent the past 11 years as missionaries in both Peru and the Diocese of Mackenzie. Their experiences are summarized here...

“After an early retirement Brian and I decided we weren’t quite ready for retirement and offered our services to the Combonie Missionary Congregation who serve the poorest of the poor in rural Peru. We lived for 5 years in a small rural community in the tropical mountains of Peru, living amongst the people, all subsistence farmers, offering our help and support where needed. The Cranbrook associates were generous in organizing funds for food and medical supplies for those we served. We returned to Canada after 5 years and travelled to the Diocese of Mackenzie in the Northwest Territory to work again with Aboriginal peoples. Brian worked with the street population of Yellowknife, NT and I worked with the sacramental preparation programs and healing programs. Learning about and living with Aboriginal people has helped us understand firsthand the need for healing and reconciliation in our country. To summarize our time away from our home in Cranbrook, Brian and I both realized that to be present to those we serve is the most important gift we can give. To be present is to help each person recognize their inherent goodness as a child of God. Our unconditional regard for the other heals and nourishes the heart and the soul of the giver and the recipient. Peace Gerri.”

Mary Fiorentino – Cranbrook associate

We Welcome You To Attend A Joyous Presentation on the Life and Mission of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys “Daring To Dream A New World Into Being” by Kathleen Deignan, CND at the CND Motherhouse Auditorium 2330 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal on Sunday, November 3, 2019, 1:30 -4:30 pm.

Carl Madigan, Associate

Howe Island Weekend: On September 13-15, twenty associates and sisters from Central Canada gathered for a weekend facilitated by associates Karen Volpe and Lorraine Treacy. The theme for the weekend was, "The Gift of Compassion." There was time for input, quiet reflection, sharing, conversation and meals together.

Kathy Kelly, Ottawa associate

Happy Birthday at Windsor Court in Fredericton!

Friends, staff and residents gathered in the penthouse mid-afternoon to wish Sister Charlotte Lockhart a Happy 99th Birthday! Not a big party – just a gentle good time with hugs and laughter.

Eleanor McCloskey, CND

Jubilees Celebrated: The CND Health Center celebrated two jubilees on Thursday, September 19th. Sr. Mary Cecilia MacDonald celebrated her 75th jubilee and Sr. Jean Grant celebrated her 80th jubilee. Jubilees are a source of joy and renewal for the whole congregation. We are filled with gratitude for your presence. We pray God will bless you with continued peace and joy.

Arlene Rutledge, coordinator CND Health Care Centre

Reflection & Activity On Water

Season Of Creation Continued…

When I was about 18, I had an epiphany about wanting to live simply and part of how that played out was me arriving home at Christmas to announce that I was not partaking in present giving that year. In my youthful enthusiasm, I failed to find a good way to communicate my heart felt conversion, and thus my decision did not go over very well with my family. I felt less badly about that cringe-worthy memory when I sat in a 'zero-waste' workshop last year and heard the young woman presenter describing a similar encounter with her family when she first embraced the zero-waste lifestyle. It seems this is a common trajectory for many, yet we shouldn't let it hold us back from carrying on. This week, as we begin the connection to our actions to protect water in this coming year, I invite all sisters and associates to think about how we can better reach out to others with an appeal to the ecological conversion promoted in Laudato si'. I like the zero-waste movement because it is not only about reducing garbage, it is also about not wasting our talents, our energy, our time, and all the natural resources. The first 'R' in the Green 'R's' (reduce, re-use re-cycle) is refuse. We can refuse to waste all these precious things, but what do we do when someone we work with or do ministry alongside, or a family member, or neighbour offers us something we want to refuse? How do we handle that with grace and maximize the opportunity to inform and raise awareness? Challenge for this week:

Imagine someone is offering you a plastic single use water bottle or straw or pouring you a glass of water you know you won't drink. What can you say to them? Think it through, write a script in your mind, or on paper, and share it and discuss with others. This is a simple task, but the more we say things out loud to others, the more we cultivate an important skill that is the foundation of a zero-waste honouring of the gift of water.

Monica Lambton, JPIC Coordinator



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