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The Star In My Heart

Joan Lewis, CND

Stars are celestial bodies, that produce light and heat.
The stars are not fixed but are constantly moving.

As I look at the night sky I realize the stars are
light years away.
I recall a Sioux Indian saying:
"The longest journey you will  make in
your life is from your head to your heart"
What does this saying mean to me?
I believe it is especially true in transferring the knowledge
about God in my head and being able to experience
the excitement of loving God and all creation in my heart.
"God's wisdom rarely allows us to do what is comfortable
It asks us to be pliable rather than rigid, to be ready to
move rather than stay in one place" (Catherine Upchurch)
As the stars are  constantly changing and moving,
do I search and move to my deepest heart's desire?
It is there God resides.  "Seek and you shall find"
The journey of the Magi was long, uncertain, and in the dark.
They asked questions and looked for guidance.
It was in the heart of the night sky that they found the way
to the King of heaven and earth
"If any of you lack wisdom, you should ask God who gives
to all generously and ungrudgingly" (James 1:5)
And then be prepared to think and do differently.
"God warned the wise men in a dream not to go back to Herod,
so they returned to their country by a different way" (Matt.
I make the journey today, not alone. 
There were three wise persons who searched together.
They found Jesus, Superstar wrapped in swaddling clothes
and lying in a manger!
Mary, star of the sea was there as a guide to those who wander.
They saw Joseph who followed the star in his heart
by means of a dream.

I look again at the night, cloudy, starry sky. 

I see a heart in the clouds. 

What star is in my heart today?

With deep desire I place the star in my heart that I most need.

Will my day be different if I listen to the voice of God in prayer

and follow that star in my heart?
I hear many voices telling me very different messages
I often find myself challenged and confused about what
is the best way ahead.  It is at these times when I need
to seek God's guidance through listening prayer.
I PRAY: Lord increase my faith. Help me to journey
from my head to the star in my heart so that I may
live your word and carry it to the world.


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