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Advent 2019

Anna Rowley Coordinator, Central Office of Associate Relationship

The Season of Advent is upon us. A time of expectant waiting and preparation to celebrate the coming of Christ and to reflect on the nativity of Jesus. Stories of refugees and migrants have dominated the news in recent years. Their plight parallels the nativity story. Mary, Jesus and Joseph were refugees fleeing from violence as so many do today within their own countries or to other countries.  I invite you to read the prayer below and sit with the words. What is your response when God asks, “Will you let me in?” Do you hear the cry of the poor in our world today when they ask, “Will you let me in?”

When Every Night Is Winter

Lord, you split no sky when you came among us. And you rose not from the sea.

A star was seen in the heavens – but only by those who looked.

A choir of angels was heard – but only by those who listened. No thunder, no storm, no cataclysm announced you,

Just the cry of a lowly refugee,

Turning to no one, turning to everyone, Saying, “Will you let me in?”


And so, when every night is winter, And every town is Bethehem,

And every inn seems filled,

And on every ear those words are heard, “Will you let me in?”

May we have eyes to see the star,

May we have ears to hear the choir, May we have hearts that finally speak:


Yes, yes, by all means, come in.

Come in and stay.            

Amen   (Catholic Relief Services)

May we, like Saint Marguerite say, to our God and to our neighbour, “Yes, yes by all means, come in. Come in and stay.” God bless our eyes, ears and hearts this Advent Season,


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