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Kamloops And Area Associate Gatherings, Fall 2018

Greetings from associates in Kamloops, Quesnel, Ashcroft, Eagle Bay and Salmon Arm. We are a group of 14 associates scattered over quite a large area of British Columbia. This is intended as just a very brief overview of our gatherings this past fall of 2018 as we had quite an interesting time.

For the past several years we have had only one CND sister in our area, Sister Marianne Reid, who lived in 108 Mile House. She had lived in that area for 30 years. Her main area of ministry in recent years was mainly on the Canim Lake Reserve. Since she was the final and only CND in our geographic area she has been very special to all our associates.

When we learned last spring that Sr. Marianne would be moving to Scarborough the fall of 2018, we decided to have our September gathering in her home in 108 Mile. When we approached Marianne with this idea she was very receptive and truly happy that we were all going to be with her in her home. Indeed, 2018 brought many reasons for us to celebrate Marianne as she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year. Sr. Nancy Hurren from Kelowna also agreed to join us for this time of remembrance and celebration.

And so on the appointed day we all trekked to 108 Mile with food offerings in hand for a pot luck lunch followed by a time of prayer and sharing. Our prayer was also a “pot luck” prayer which was an idea introduced to us several years ago by Marianne herself. Each person brings something they wish to share with the group: a song, a poem, a scripture passage, a story or whatever creative offering they wish to share that they have found life-giving. Since St. Marguerite is always central to our gatherings many of the sharings have a strong Congregation de Notre-Dame flavour and are often in-spired by congregational values we are trying to follow in our own lives.

Our time together in 108 Mile was bitter-sweet, a time of celebration and gratitude tinged with the knowledge that Marianne was preparing to move back east.

It turned out that our October gathering fell on October 28 during which we had invited Sr. Nancy to we lead us in a mini-retreat time at Roger and Diane’s new home. Thank you, Sr. Nancy.

Our November gathering at Verna and Bob’s fell on November 11 so of course our focus and prayer time was centred on the theme of remembrance prepared and led by Diane and Roger.

As I write this little update we are preparing for our Christmas pot luck lunch at Verna and Bob’s with Regina preparing our prayer for that day.

So I hope this helps to give you a sense of what we have been praying about and celebrating this fall, all in the Spirit of St. Marguerite...a truly blessed time. As we live our lives trying to emulate the charism of the Congregation de Notre-Dame, our gatherings always offer us a time to refocus and gather strength and inspiration from each other and from St. Marguerite

Feast of St. Marguerite

On Sunday, January 13 the Kamloops associates gathered at the home of Diane and Roger to celebrate the feast of St. Marguerite. Several years ago and with the blessing of our local coordinators we began the practice of renewing our Congregation de Notre-Dame commitment on this feast day rather than on May 31 as is the usual custom. We found that it was difficult for us to gather as a group at the end of May as we always have our large annual area gathering in mid-May and then people scatter for the summer. It was just easier for more of our associates to be present in January than in May and that has remained our practice. And so when we gathered we began with a simple soup and bun lunch followed by prayer and sharing for the afternoon as we reflected on our Congregation de Notre-Dame call and our response. This very rich time culminated in our renewing our commitment. As we did this renewal we were joyfully joined in spirit with all our sisters and associates throughout the world.

Verna Cheramy

Okanagan Gathers To Celebrate St Marguerite

The Associates from the Okanagan who were able gathered for prayer at Lorne and Maria Raymond’s home. We reflected on Marguerite’s trust in God’s presence in her life, and had meaningful sharing on significant moments in our lives where we put our total trust in God. After prayer we moved to a local restaurant in a beautiful stone house and shared a celebratory meal.

Pat Weicker

Greetings From Innisfail

On Dec. 10, 2018, fifteen of the Sisters from Innisfail gathered together for a potluck dinner and social evening. Instead of exchanging gifts we all contributed to the food bank. Sister Marie led us in a meaningful advent prayer and we remembered all those who were not able to be with us. A ham dinner followed with many tasty dishes prepared by our Associates. Fun trivia games were played and Dana shared a story with her grandson who attended the celebration. All Associates enjoyed the gathering

Dolores Macgillivary

Give It Up For The Earth - Citizens For Public Justice

This is a faith –in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada

Many Christians mark Lent by “giving up” a bad habit or distracting practice. During the 40 days leading up to Easter, this symbolic sacrifice provides space to reflect and refocus, tune in to our Christian calling and renew our commitment to God. This year we are invited to focus your Lenten fast on preserving God’s creation.

For 40 days, you are invited to make changes in your life to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and let our Prime Minister know you want climate justice in Canada. Information on how to do this will be sent to each group leader before Lent.

Please continue to let us know what you are doing in your communities so we can share them with the rest of the province.

May the blessings of St. Marguerite continue to fill your lives in your daily visitations. May you bring Pentecost to all those you meet.



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