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50th anniversary celebration in Guatemala

Maura McGrath, CND

A few days before Christmas of 1964 four young Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame set foot for the first time in Guatemala. They were eager to begin to live and work among the Mayan People in the highlands of this land of Eternal Spring. The relationship that began that day between the indigenous people and the four women and the CND Sisters who came after them would be a life changing one for both parties.

Descendants of a people conquered by Spain in the 1500’s, Guatemalans continue to be controlled by international interests, including Canadian mines as well as corrupt governments. For fifty years, in solidarity with the population, the Sisters have worked diligently in a liberating teaching that guided many Guatemalans toward education, health, law and countless other ways of serving the common good. And yes, the North Americans learned much more from the indigenous than they gave them.

In December of 2014, literally thousands of the children and grandchildren of those who first welcomed the sisters gathered to greet those of us who had the privilege of returning to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Today most of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame working in Central America are native.

Those of us who participated in this celebratory event were stunned once again by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, the lakes, meadows and December roses. The remarkable spirit of the people, in the face of increased poverty and oppression, was palpable. Once again we absorbed their wisdom, tenacity, love, and indomitable faith in a Loving God. And all was so beautiful it hurt. (The phrase ‘so beautiful it hurt’ is taken from W. George Lovell’s , 1995, ‘A Beauty That Hurts’, Between the Lines).





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