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Welcome to our Advent Journey! - reading from Isaiah

Kathy Chadwick, Associate

Welcome to our Advent Journey!

The first reading from Isaiah greets us as unclean, sinful souls whose deeds are like polluted rags. How depressing – but wait- we are then reminded that God is our father. We are the clay and God is the potter. We are the work of his hands.

My mother was a ceramic artist. I grew up watching her throw ugly lumps of grey clay on her potter’s wheel and patiently mold them into beautiful vessels. She painted them with glaze that appeared also grey and drab. Only after firing them in her kiln would the magic appear. Mother waited with great expectation while the fire did its magic and released the colors she knew were hidden there. Opening the kiln was like opening a present. How she treasured the work of her hands.

So too does our father treasure us. He can see through our drab appearance, knowing that we are being purified in the kiln that is this life.

God has patiently molded us and continues to shape us into the vessels that will be a reflection of his own son. The glaze of our humanity hides the beauty that will one day be revealed after the impurities and rough edges have been burned away by his loving care. An artist treasures his/her creations. God is the artist; he treasures us his creations.

Let us be patient remembering that we are God’s ongoing project. He isn’t finished with us yet! This Advent let us look for the hidden beauty in others as well as ourselves. Advent presents us with many opportunities for visitation: Waiting in line at the Post Office, shopping in the mall, dealing with crowds and tired salespeople, traffic snarls and crowded parking lots. Perhaps we can use these opportunities to see in others the work of the master potter.


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