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Currently, the utility is storing 280,000 tons of water in hundreds of tanks at the facility, and more builds up each day. An estimated 100,000 additional tons are contained within the reactor buildings themselves.

A recent massive leak of radioactive water from below ground storage pits left officials scrambling to find a place to hold 120,000 tons of water. The leaking pits were lined with two sheets of polyethylene and one layer of bentonite clay. Criticism of TEPCO over that incident has been widespread; although the Environment Ministry requires bentonite layers to be at least 50 millimeters thick, the bentonite lining the TEPCO storage pits is just 6.4 millimeters thick.

So far, only 8,000 tons have been transferred, but the company hopes to move the remaining water to above ground tanks by the beginning of June. The new plan would divert approximately 100 tons of groundwater each day to the ocean. Three hundred tons of water will continue to flow into the buildings and become contaminated, eventually requiring storage space. TEPCO officials are warning that recent attempts to transfer highly radioactive water from leaking below ground storage pits to sturdier above ground tanks may result in increased radiation levels around the boundary of the Fukushima Daiichi. The company previously said that it would attempt to keep annual radiation levels there lower than one millisievert, but now says that dosage levels could rise as high as 7.8 millisieverts per year.

Given the above news, I thought it might be a good time for you to contact your Jaanise Prayer Partner. Even if it has been a long time between communications, an expression of solidarity at this time is needed.



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