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Two volunteers to the library of Kumbo


Two volunteers to the library of Kumbo   

We are Tine and Annelien, two volunteers coming from Belgium. We live in Kumbo in a host family for six months. Last academic year, Tine graduated as a biomedical scientist, Annelien is a social worker. We both do an additional year at the Catholic University of Leuven: the “Bachelor after Bachelor International Cooperation North-South”. This additional year includes an internship of six months in a country in the South. We were both attracted by Cameroon, because we heard about its rich culture, beautiful nature and friendly residents.

Tine is doing an internship in a water project of the Social Welfare. Annelien is working at the Chalice Kumbo Sponsorsite, an organization that sponsors poor children, their family and lonely elderly people. Thanks to Sister Louisa Wirmum, the directress of the Chalice Kumbo sponsorsite, we got acquainted to the library owned by the CND Sisters. At first, we were very surprised to see so many enthusiastic children, because these children prefer books and reading over watching television, hanging around with friends,– We saw that Sister Catherine and the other workers in the library were doing wonderful things with the children. That is why we decided to stay and help were we can. Mostly, we try to help the weaker children with reading problems, by reading together, correcting them and giving them some reading tips. But we also like to entertain the little children by reading them stories, playing games together, – The work in the library was very fulfilling for us, because we met so many enthusiastic children.

We mostly read with the children from class 3 till form 3. We noticed that some of the children are having serious reading troubles and cannot read according to their level of education. We wondered how these children could pass for their exams. The workers in the library had never heard of learning disorders like dyslexia, although we noticed that some of the children exhibit characteristics of this disorder. Here in Cameroon, people just think these children are less smart and need more practice. But these children should get special attention and help in school and at home. Still, it gave us a lot of satisfaction to see a little improvement after reading a story together with these children. Another thing we noticed was that some children definitely needed glasses.

Welcome back party

A very nice occasion was the Christmas party. So many children were present. Some children prepared a dance or a song. After that, there was a little Christmas quiz with beautiful prices for the best quizzers. The party ended with sweet drinks, a small bite and many happy faces.  sweet drinks, a small bite and many happy faces. 
                                    Christmas party



Sister Catherine

We really enjoyed our time in the library. Sister Catherine is doing a great job! We met really nice colleagues, saw so many happy children and we made a lot of fun. Our wish for this project is that in the future, many more enthusiast volunteers may come to support this great project.

Tine Peeters and Annelien Peters  




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