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Vice President Biden is meeting with a small group of legislators – Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Jim Clyburn and Eric Cantor, and Senators Jon Kyle, Max Baucus and Daniel Inouye – to seek agreement on a deficit reduction plan. 

Please call and/or email Vice President Biden. Tell him that the negotiating group must find ways to increase revenue.

The deficit cannot be solved by cuts to human needs programs, particularly with a high unemployment rate. Investment is needed to create jobs. Investment in public works will create jobs and therefore reduce the number of persons/families relying on safety-net programs. Employment will reduce payment of unemployment benefits. Revenue at state and federal levels will increase as the newly employed pay income, Medicare and payroll taxes.

You can call the White House comment line 202-456-1111 to leave a message for the Vice President. You can send an e-mail to VP Biden, and also your members of Congress, here: type in

House leadership and Senate members seeking re-election in 2012 have dug in their heels on “no new taxes.” But without increased revenue, there is no way to significantly reduce the deficit. The effective tax rates for corporations and the highest earning individuals are at record lows.

Congress can find some way to make corporations and individuals at the top of the income scale pay their fair share of taxes.



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