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Vancouver's Shame: the “Vancouver riots”


All of us have probably seen enough of the images of the “Vancouver riots.” Amid the finger pointing, blaming and demonizing, there is some healing in the hundreds of volunteers who cleaned up the next day and in the messages on the Wall of Apology/Hope. More encouragingly, I believe, are the questions being raised.

“Has sanctioned violence become an increasingly intrinsic part of hockey and thus our culture, especially the culture of young men, so much so that violence has become something to be celebrated, the new entertainment of a generation? This playoff series is considered by many to have been among the most violent in memory with broken backs and bitten fingers… If millionaire sports heroes can be brutal bullies and still be feted and forgiven, then surely dirty combat outside the rink is fair game?”

Shelley Fralic, Westcoast News

“Merely shaking our heads in shock and moral outrage is an inadequate response. We need to take a long critical look at the role or professional sport and its attendant glorification of macho violence in brutalizing our shared life and eroding our genuine communities.”

Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Courier There is hope in the questions.



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