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The 2014 ARCAN Conference

The 2014 ARCAN Conference: A very enriching and challenging way to spend an evening and a day! Anne Walsh, a Redemptorist Associate, is an accomplished adult educator. She kept us involved with one another around a topic central to the lives of Religious and Associates: CHARISM. It was an opportunity to gain enlightenment regarding our own charisms all while seeing the connections with the charisms of the other communities present.

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Testimonies on the Future of Religious Life for the 60th Anniversary of CRC – 2014

Canadian women and men religious were asked to put in writing what future they imagine for consecrated life. It was impossible to publish all the testimonies the CRC received, in the 60th Anniversary Past, Present and Future booklet. Therefore, the remaining testimonies are been published on the CRC website. We are grateful for the contribution made by Becky McKenna CND and encourage you to check out the CRC web site at: http://www.crccanada.org/en

Thank you Becky!


Sr. Helen Klimeck, CND, ever a woman of the parish, has made some 40 WomenForward moves of her own!  Last fall, Helen was asked by a parishioner for a favor. The woman was leaving the US after many years, to return to her family in Canada. She wanted Helen to become her replacement at the Sunday morning senior-care volunteer service she had been doing for many years at a facility on 79th Street.

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New Congregation of Notre Dame Associate in Summerside

On May 26, seventeen associates gathered for their annual retreat at Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre in Summerside PEI. Sister Pat Wilson, a sister of Charity from Halifax, was the Retreat Guide. Her input and gentle guidance was greatly appreciated by all. At the close of the day, we had our usual Prayer Service during which, Donna MacIntyre was received as a new associate.

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OK Clean Water Celebrates Another Successful Year with Ottawa Catholic Schools!

The OK Clean Water Project is most grateful to the Ottawa Catholic Schools who have supported our water project in Kumbo, Cameroon again in the school year 2013-2014. This year twenty-nine schools brought in an amazing $26,608.50!

Presently thirty-seven villages have clean water and more villagers are waiting in hope.

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Windsor Court News: Continuing residence-living and pastoral ministry!

Continuing residence-living here in Fredericton and doing some pastoral ministry on the side gave me a wonderful opportunity to celebrate on the eve of the Feast of the Visitation. Our usual Saturday evening Communion Service was celebrated at this time. The occasion provided an opportunity to share Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys with the ladies who attend regularly. Reading the gospel of the feast (Luke 1:39-56), the story of Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys was a "natural" follow-up through from Marguerite’s coming to Ville Marie, her founding of our CND and our connection with the Visitation-Pentecost.

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What makes me grateful?

What makes me grateful, and how does my gratitude look and feel?

It began early one Sunday morning, with an email announcing great news. Nothing like an email “proclaiming the release of captives” to get a day going on the right foot. I cried. Tears of joy? Oh I hope so. Tears of sorrow? Had I not prayed enough, believed enough? Every time I saw the news clips on tv and the computer, alone and in a group, I cried. When I was with others, I noticed my tears were not the only ones in the room. Other were crying too. It was such a personal response and an emotional time, I did not ask which tears they were shedding. I only knew my own mix. And I named it “gratitude”.