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When:  Sunday, August 10, 2014

What:  Peggy, Mary Ann Rossi, and Ann Marie Strileckis are arranging a “pray and play” day for young women from 18-35.  The day will begin with prayer, include lunch, provide beach time, and end with prayer. (Sunday Mass is not in the plan.)

Who:   From your parish, neighborhood, ministry, family…….extend an invitation to a young woman whom you have begun to build a relationship with. Naturally, you are invited too, but it’s not required that you accompany those you invite.

RSVP:   pdoyle@cnd-m.org

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Vocation / Formation meeting

Five Sisters from the U.S. are off to Montreal this week for a week of international Vocation-Formation meetings.  Sisters Peggy Doyle, Mary Ann Rossi, Regina DeVitto, Darleen Mayo and Deanna Sabetta will gather with Congregation fo Notre Dame Sisters from around the world.  We will be reviewing/updating the Congregation’s Vocation-Formation Directory (policy book), learning how to use more effectively social-media technology, and deliberating on the concerns/issues of Vocation-Formation ministry throughout the Congregation.  Keep us in your prayer.

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Celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalen, July 22

Luke’s Gospel tells us Mary of Magdala, Susanna, Joanna, and other Galilean women, travelled with Jesus and the early disciples; they supported his mission from their own financial resources. John’s gospel tells us Mary came to the empty tomb and was sent by Jesus to announce the Resurrection news to the others, who “came racing to the tomb.” (John 20:17-18).

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Please take a few minutes to contact your Senators and Representative this week! www.senate.govwww.house.gov 

The response by the Obama Administration and members of Congress to the influx of migrant children at the US-Mexico border becomes more worrisome by the day. The latest move is to propose changes to the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008, to speed up deportations of these children. 

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A survey on Spiritual and Social Justice Commitment

Greetings! We would like to know more about our website visitors: would you agree to take this 5 minutes survey to tell us a little about your spirituality and social justice interests?


Thank you for your support!

Remember: you are always welcomed to drop us a line at communication@cnd-m.org - we read all emails and make sure that the right persons get them!

Thank you!

2014 – 2015 Marguerite Bourgeoys Bursaries

Members of the Bursary Committee met in Summerside in May to review all applications that were received. Of the one hundred and sixty-six applications received, one hundred and fifty-four were accepted. Thanks to our Sisters and Associates who helped in the distribution of the application forms. Many hands made light work! All successful applicants have been notified.

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News from the Canadian Religious Conference

Sisters Ann Broderick and Nina Glinski were among the 300 women and men religious at the 2014 General Assembly of the Canadian Religious Conference which was held May 29 - June 1. The theme was “Beyond Frontiers a call to transformation.”

The guest speaker, Anthony Gittins, CSSP theologian, professor, and author of fifteen books, led a two-day workshop on his vision of Intercultural living.

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LCWR Summer 2014 issue of Occasional Papers

Discernment The LCWR Summer 2014 issue of Occasional Papers is dedicated to an exploration of discernment through many lenses, including what it means to discern in light of new understandings of the universe.



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Donation of statues to St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish, Sydney, NS

We received a request for two statues of St. Marguerite. One for the outside and another for the inside, for the new formed parish of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, Sydney, NS. A beautiful statue of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys sits above the main entrance of the CND Health Care Centre in Sydney. This entrance is not being used as anticipated, as the main door to the MacGillivary Health Care Centre is more accessible. We have offered this statue to the parish and they are more than pleased to receive it.

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We are called … If our planet appears increasingly as a large, richly diverse open book; it remains no less fragile and divided. We are called to act there where the drama of exclusion, exploitation and misery is lived. While questioning attitudes that are arrogant, contemptuous and unjust, we are called to contribute to more harmonious relations between individuals and peoples, towards a peace that respects the large human family and that will endure. We are invited to act close to home in our local milieu as well as beyond our borders. We are also invited to work in partnership with others in a spirit of non-competitiveness and openness. The Policy for Donations, adopted by the General Conference in 2005, helps light the way as the Congregation answers these calls. (Policy for Donations, 2005‐2010, Congregation of Notre Dame, p. 2)

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Spirituality Group

This newly formed group of 6 volunteers from across Visitation Province connected for the first time by way of a conference call on May 26th. This group originated as a response to feedback and suggestions received at our last Province Chapter.

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300 Years of Religious Profession!

The Congregation of Notre Dame Sisters and families gathered on Sunday June 29 to celebrate 300 years of religious profession! Two of the jubilarians were part of the move from the Notre Dame Convent on Sydney Street to their new home, Notre Dame Community at Andrews of Charlottetown who graciously hosted the open house. In a time when commitment is challenging for many, these women have adapted to change for some time. Teachers, parish pastoral associates, artists and missionaries, they continue to say “yes” to God’s invitation to life and to ministry.

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YOUNG CHURCH is NOT the future Church, but the Church NOW

The Diocese of Bridgeport is in the midst of planning for its Fourth Diocesan Synod.  At a recent Vespers service, Bishop Frank Caggiano announced the four topics of the Synod.  SUPPORTING THE YOUNG CHURCH is his first goal.  He reminded us that the YOUNG CHURCH is NOT the future Church, but the Church NOW.

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New Associate in Parkland!

Parkland Cape Breton, St. Theresa’s Group: Congregation of Notre Dame Associate Theresa MacNeil signed her formal agreement into Associate Relationship. We were so blessed to witness this during the celebration of Eucharist with Theresa’s uncle Fr. Dan MacInnis on the Feast of the Visitation May 31, 2014 with her cousin Sister Mary Morrison, the Sisters of Parkland, her group and friends Gerald and Winnie Odo. Following Eucharist we were treated to a wonderful luncheon in the suite of group leader Sister Theresa Sampson CND.

Prayer services - resources

We remember: As we lived “visitation” with the many groups of Visitation East this Spring we became very aware of groups who are now “flying on their own” without the Congregation of Notre Dame Sister presence which helped form them as they journeyed to become Associates. Some group leaders asked for prayer services while others expressed a formula for the flow of monthly gatherings. Important to note is that we do have a library of prayer services at our disposal for your use and will include a pattern for the flow of a meeting – times fluctuate.

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Associate co-coordinator position change

Sr. Phyllis will finish her ministry as the associate co-coordinator at the end of June. Sr. Phyllis has had this role for 6 years. We thank her for her great service and the support that she has given to the associates and sisters in the Maritimes. Marjorie Allison-Ross of Woodstock, NB, will take on this role effective August 1, 2014. When asked to provide a bit of information for the Newsletter, here is what Marjorie had to say: ...

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Perpetual Adoration

A gentle reminder: on October 10, 1696, the Congregation of Notre Dame entered into a contract with Jeanne Le Ber “to establish in their chapel in perpetuity the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament by the Sisters from morning until evening prayer.” Today we are requesting that you again make a commitment to the perpetual adoration request. We ask you to prayerfully consider a day of the week and a time of day or night...

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Spring Visitations in Miramichi

On May 19th the Congregation of Notre Dame Associates of Miramichi welcomed Sister Phyllis and Winnie Odo to our meeting room at St. Mary’s Church in Newcastle. Sr. Phyllis led us in an inspiring candle prayer service which was very meaningful being her last one with us as she finishes her term as area co-coordinator.

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Celebration of Feast of the Visitation in Halifax

Celebration of Feast of the Visitation: The sisters and associates of Halifax met June 3rd to celebrate the Feast of the Visitation. Our time together included prayer, conversation and good food. It was an enjoyable, enriching evening and an opportunity for the Halifax associates to welcome two associates to the area… Anna Rowley from New Brunswick and Alexa Smith from Ottawa.

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