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Maudie is the critically acclaimed and superbly acted autobiographical story of Nova Scotian Maud Lewis who is now regarded as one of the best folk artists ever in Canada. In spite of challenging family circumstances, severe arthritis and a complex relationship with Everett her husband she found happiness in painting the beauty she experienced in her surroundings while living most of her life in a very small house with Everett. 

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Inaugural Telephone Community Gathering

On Wednesday May 17th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., an Associate gathering was held via the telephone. This has long been a practice in the U.S. and I thought it could work well for us in eastern Canada, where some associates are geographically isolated and /or house bound. The program for the evening is mailed by post or electronically so that everyone has time to read and ponder the passages and questions. We opened our gathering with the Visitation Chapter Prayer. Our two readings included Day One from Hostages with God: Journal of Sister Gilberte Bussière, CND and Luke 1:39-56. Following some lively discussion, the associates made their Commitment Renewal and we ended with a Franciscan Blessing. Our second gathering is scheduled for June 21st, 2017 when we will discuss Pope Francis’ TED Talk: Why the only future worth building includes everyone. We will break for July and August and beginning in September we will work through Hostages with God: Journal of Sister Gilberte Bussière, CND. It is my hope that we can have other groups here in the east and then.

Remember us in your prayers, 

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House Church

What’s that? In our time, we are so used to knowing a church as a building, we don’t even think of anything else. Bible scholars point out that the word “church” was used to describe a family. We read that the church is called “God’s household” (1 Timothy 3:15). Followers of ‘the Way” shared common meals. (Acts 2:46-48). People lived life together (Acts 2:44-46) and as a family, were expected to care for and love one another deeply (1 Peter 1:22). Not surprisingly then, the New Testament churches typically met in the homes of believers to share stories and memories and food. CNWE–NB (Catholic Network for Women’s Equality) enjoyed a House Church event last Friday in Fredericton. 

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We are dedicated to our mission of liberating education
through prayer, work and community.
We follow Jesus, the Light
of the world.

Sisters Silvia Leticia Corea Sagastume, CND and Minkada Onana Brigitte, CND (CND photo, 2013)


Our Mission

Associate Relationship

Women and men committed to their baptismal call to live Jesus' mission of service, through justice, love and compassion in today's world.

As partners, sisters and associates, faithful to their personal vocation, commit themselves to proclaim by their entire life, the Good News of a God of Love.

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Sister Elizabeth King, CND, and Ms Yolande Cormier, associate, walking along the shore during an Associate Relationship meeting in Pensacola, Florida, USA
(Photo Sister Marilyn Doucette, CND, 2009)


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