In the Heart of
the World

The Visitation

Day 15: Sunday, Week 3


Being a servant Church finds its inspiration in Mary who went in haste to visit her cousin, Elizabeth (Lk 1:39).

Saint Ambrose of Milan says that Mary went with haste because inspirations of the Holy Spirit cannot be delayed.

Mandala created by Rachel


I place myself in the presence of God.
I take time to gaze at the mandala, allowing the mandala to draw me inward.

There is a dynamic movement in the centre reflected in the movement of Mary and Elizabeth.

  • Are there moments in my life when I feel the irresistible power of the Spirit in me to act?
  • Is it difficult for me to recognize dreams in my life not realized, words of affection left unsaid, gratitude not expressed, etc.? What feelings do these memories stir in me?
  • How can these memories be a positive learning experience for me?

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